Tuesday, June 14, 2011


What it is: Can you believe it?  We have written about countless Durham restaurants, but we haven't written an entry solely devoted to one of the restaurants we take our kids to most, Panera.  With its two convenient locations in Durham (Patterson Place near 15-501 at I-40 and Southpoint Mall) it is in close proximity to several of our favorite kids' activities.  Plus, you can grab a pastry or sweet treat while you get a coffee as a little pick-me-up for yourself, or come for a healthy delicious lunch or dinner that you feel good about giving your kids.  Their kids' menu includes a deli sandwich, a grilled cheese, a PB&J or mac n cheese (which I feel is the best tasting restaurant mac I've ever tried!).  These entrees are all served with an organic yogurt in an easy-serve tube.  The healthy salad, soup, and sandwich options for adults are varied and delicious.

What we liked: We like the locations, especially the one in the mall.  It's right next to the play area (actually the closest and easiest bathroom to access from the play area).  So, you can head there to grab a coffee and sweet treat before you play or grab lunch before or after you head to play.  In addition, it's one of the healthier kid-friendly options.  You can head to Panera and you and the kids can both eat healthy.

What we would change: While you can buy fruit to accompany your meal, it's a bit expensive and it would be nice to have a cheaper option that accompanied your meal.  It always seems like their plates are huge and a bit unwieldy, but they keep changing them so they'll probably change sometime again soon.

Website and other important information:

Website: http://www.panerabread.com/

Durham Addresses: 6702 Fayetteville Road (Southpoint Mall) and 3603 Witherspoon Road, Durham, NC 27707

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm. Sunday: 12:00pm-7:00pm (Southpoint)

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