Saturday, July 9, 2011

A.D. Clark Pool

What it is: At this time of year in North Carolina, all you want to do is stay cool.  So, we've been searching out any way to stay cool that we could find.  When I first heard about this place in Chapel Hill I knew it was another way to beat the summer heat.  AD Clark pool is a public pool located just off Franklin St.  It's affiliated with the Hargraves Community Center.  The pool has all you need for some great summer fun: a zero entry area for entering the pool, a separate kids pool, changing areas, and lounge chairs for relaxing.  There's also a great playground and shelter there as well, so you can make a great day of it.

What we liked:  The best part about this pool is that it is FREE!  That's right, completely free.  In addition, the zero entry area and baby pool make it great for the little ones.  Plus, they have a bunch of life jackets available that you can borrow so your kid can stay safe while swimming.  It's also nice that it's next to the lovely playground and shelter.

What we would change:  The tricky part about this pool is that we can't get a straight answer about whether you can visit if you're not a Chapel Hill resident.  The website doesn't mention whether the pool is for residents or not.  When we called before our visit, the man on the phone said it didn't matter where you lived-the pool was for everyone.  However, when we were actually at the pool we asked the man working the desk and he said that you either had to live in Chapel Hill or be a guest of a resident.  So, to be on the safe side, take your Chapel Hill friends when visiting this pool, but they didn't ask us for our address or anything.  In addition, the zero entry area is a bit skinny, so I imagine it could get crowded at times.

Website and other important information:


Address: 216 North Roberson St, Chapel Hill

Phone Number: 919-968-2816 (Pool)

Hours: From June 13 to August 7: 10:30-1:45 and 4:15-7 (MWF), 10:30-1:45 and 4:15-5:15 (TR), 10am-7pm (Sat), Noon-7pm (Sun)


 (The baby pool and life jackets for borrowing)

(The pool with zero entry area at the front)

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