Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eno River: Buckquarter Creek Trail

We've already told you about so many great sections of the Eno River already.  However, this past weekend, we had so much fun visiting one of the section of the Eno that we had to tell you about a few more details.

What it is:  In one of our previous entries we mentioned the Few's Ford section of the Eno River.  To hike at this part of the park simply park where Cole Mill dead ends into the park.  You will turn right directly after you enter the park to find your way to the parking lot for the Buckquarter Creek Trail, the great trail that we hiked this weekend.  The nice thing about this parking lot is that it is next to the museum.  The museum houses very nice indoor bathrooms that you can check out before the hike.

The Buckquarter Creek trail is a 1.5 mile loop trail, but the first half of the trail is directly along the river.  We simply went up the river as long as we wanted and then turned around and hiked back.  There was a lookout a short distance up the trail where we could look down on the "rapids" area of the river which was neat.  When we met up with the trail at the river, there was the nice calm Fews Ford area of the river where we saw many kids and their parents swimming around the calm water.  Then, there were the rapids to observe.  There were also several big stone steps and other spots where you could step into the river or onto rocks in the river.  It was great toddler climbing and exploring, but make sure to bring your net so you can catch some of these tiny fishies to study.

What we liked:  We had to comment on this part of the trail because it looked like such a fun place for kids.  Every part of the trail had access points to the river where you could either watch the river or explore.  It was also easy to turn around and head back whenever we got tired.  In addition, there was a great calm area at the beginning where kids could enjoy swimming with their parents there for safety.

What we would change:  The only negative was that there were no picnic tables at that particular parking lot.  So, once we got finished with our hike, we did have to jump in the car and head to the other parking lot at the Fews Ford area where there were plenty of picnic tables for our lunch.

Website and other important information: 


Location: The Fews Ford area is located at the Northern dead end of Cole Mill Rd. in Durham.



 (another view from along the trail)

(the calm area, excellent for swimming)


Anonymous said...

Great review. Are the trails jogging stroller accessible?

The Stir Crazy Moms said...

They really aren't stroller accessible. We used our backpack and carrier for the kids.

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