Friday, July 22, 2011

Morgan Imports

What it is:
We ventured to downtown Durham lately, and found a store that parents and kids can both agree on: Morgan Imports. Just a short walk from parking and restaurants, Morgan Imports makes for an easy trip and a nice place to do some exploration and shopping. Not only does it have a lovely toy and infant clothing section, but there are lots of unique products and deals to be found throughout the rest of the store, from lawn furniture to year-round Christmas to bikes to furniture to kitchen gadgets to old-school rolls of tear-off stickers.
What we liked:
The toy section contained your usual Melissa and Doug fare, but we also spotted lots of other great toys we've never seen before--except possibly in our own childhoods. The stuffed animal section was expansive and varied, and super sweet (stuffed knitted mouse, anyone?), and there was a really nice selection of games for all ages, as well as puzzles and books. Many of the toys were educational, not too many were character themed (but some were) and all were wholesomely fun. In the infant clothing section, you'll find some nice name brands that aren't commonly found at the mall. As for the rest of the store, it's not only spacious, but comfortably laid out with lots of unique items for your home, office or lawn. A few kids' items, or items that would at least keep your child mildly entertained while you shop, were scattered throughout. We especially liked the rolls of stickers in the office section--just choose your roll (they varied from "beach fun" to "dress-up" to "construction site," with lots in between) and tear off what you'd like.
What we'd change:
For as nice as the toy section was, they didn't have a ton of products out for kids to try. Also, the toy section itself was possibly a bit narrow in places for pushing a stroller or letting kids wander. It's certainly a place you can bring kids (and strollers) to, but you'll need to keep a watchful eye on everyone and plan to participate in the fun of exploring new toys. As for the rest of the store, there may be some stairs (we don't remember), and there are certainly breakable items you'll need to be careful of, but the products are interesting enough and the aisles are wide enough that most parent-child groups can navigate the store and have a good time without incident.
Website and other important information:

Address: 113 Gregson St. Durham NC 27701 

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm


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