Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Fairy Godmother

Lucky's our next installment of our area toy stores series.  This time we headed back over to University Mall which was recently vacated by one of our other favorites, The Children's Store.  There were two toy stores for us to check out and we only investigated one this time.  But don't worry we'll be back.  The one we checked out this time was My Fairy Godmother.

What it is:
I'd never headed into this toy store before because I thought that it was simply filled with toys for girls.  I didn't think that there would be anything in there for my two little boys.  However, I was wrong.  While the store had all kinds of wings and fairy outfits for girls as well as items for in-store manicure and dress up parties, it did have some great toys for everyone.  They had a train table as well as a rubber tire car pit (with one car), and a kitchen that were out for the kids to explore.  They also had a large selection of Melissa and Doug toys and a puppet theater for more fun.  In the back corner they had a TV area with some chairs if your kids need some down time.  My two little boys managed to spend quite a bit of time exploring this store that I erroneously thought was just for girls, and I managed to find a few things I wanted to take home for them as well.

What we liked:  We would have loved this store if we had little girls.  It would be the perfect place to shop for a girl who likes to dress up, and a great place for their birthday party (tea party, fairy, princess, etc.).  It's a great place for a little break as you shop around University Mall.  In addition they have some interesting and fun toys to investigate.

What we would change: Because of the nature of the store, there were not as many items for boys.  In addition, some of the interactive parts of the store were a bit under-utilized.  For example, there weren't many trains on the train table and wasn't much food in the kitchen to play with, but they provided amusement for the kiddos none-the-less.

Website and other important information:  


Address: University Mall - 201 S Estes Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Phone Number: 919-265-0201

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 1pm-6pm


 (A view of some of the Melissa and Doug toys)

 (The exterior of the store)

 (the puppet theater)

 (fairy outfits)

(their TV viewing corner)

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