Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lyon Park

As the weather cools off slightly and playground equipment is no longer quite so scorching to the touch, I can feel park season coming on. The cool fall weather makes me want to hang out at the parks all day long.  So, in tribute of park season I thought I'd tell you about another great Durham park that we just found.

What it is:  Last week we headed up to Lyon Park which is located near Forest Hills park.  It's a small park, but was a nice diversion from our usual haunts.  It consists of a swing set with regular swings and bucket swings, a really interesting play structure, a basketball court, a covered picnic table, and a little path with a bridge.  We were able to spend a fun morning there.

What we liked: We loved the play structure.  It was unusual, and that made it very appealing to our toddlers.  There were nets to climb, wiggly plastic platforms to "surf" on, and a really tall (slightly dangerous), slide which the kids liked to ride with a little assistance from their moms.  The path with a bridge was also entertaining for the kids.  My kids always like to hang out by bridges and grab little sticks to throw over the rails.

What we would change: While the play structure was great for our three year olds, the littler ones didn't have as much to do.  The couldn't climb on as many things and just wandered around looking at the structure.  In addition, even though there was a fence, there was a break in the fence in between the play area and the swings, and that break led to a fairly busy road.  You definitely have have to keep an eye on the kids when they're near the gate.  The slide is also fairly tall and a little dangerous for kids to use by themselves.

Website and other important information:

Website: http://www.ci.durham.nc.us/gis_apps/parkapp/park.cfm?selVal=park&ParkNam=Lyon+Park

Address: 1200 W. LAKEWOOD AVENUE 27707


 1. The path leading from the play structure to the basketball court.

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