Tuesday, August 9, 2011


What it is: Who doesn’t know Mcdonalds? It has been around forever, but maybe you didn’t know how much fun it could be to cool off at Mcdonalds! Like most parents, I aim for my children to have a well-balanced diet. However, as the weather heats up, we enjoy an occasional ice cream cone from time to time! Good news! Mcdonalds has all the classics you remember as a kid, but also a few simple cold treats that are tasty and much for cost effective than most of the competition!

What we liked: Several cool treats to choose from. Everything from: ice cream cones (also come in reduced fat), sundaes, shakes, Mcflurries, to smoothies...and more! The best part- half the price (if not more) you might pay somewhere else! Okay, so it isn’t as “cute” as some of the other places, but tastes just as good (if not better). I can treat myself and my two boys for under $5! Gotta love that! Another great thing, the simplicity of sitting in a booth and watching the cars drive by outside. Sometimes we are so busy looking for the newest “thing” that we forget how simple it is to sit there with your kids, slow down and enjoy!

What we would change: No complaints from us. If I had to think of one, the parking lot can be crowded. Be careful when crossing to get inside! Haven’t tried the Playplace locations yet- would be interested in hearing about those.


Click on Location tab for nearest restaurant. It will provide details including availability of a Playplace.

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