Monday, August 15, 2011

Southpoint Summer Kids Movie Series

 What it is: Southpoint Cinemas offers $1 movies for kids throughout the summer starting in  mid June and ending in mid August.  They offer a different movie each week.  They also sell $1 snacks such as popcorn and frozen and regular drinks for kids. 

What we liked: How can you beat $1 movies and snacks in an air-conditioned theater on a hot steamy summer day?  I took my 3 year old son to see "Alpha and Omega".  Even though he didn't last through the entire movie he still enjoyed it.  We're going to see "Yogi Bear" this week.  It's their last movie of the summer.  They offer a variety of movies throughout the summer appropriate for different ages of children. 

What we would change:  There really isn't anything I would change about this. 

Website and other important information:


The movies are shown at 10am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  By clicking on the website link below, you will see the the one movie playing at 10am - this is the kids $1 movie.  This week they will be showing "Yogi Bear."
8030 Renaissance Parkway
Durham , NC 27713

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