Monday, September 26, 2011

FItness World

*Check out another great post from our Stir Crazy Dad about how to squeeze in a little exercise and keep your kids entertained at the same time!

What it is : Fitness World is gym, but more importantly to the Stir Crazy Parent, they have a wonderful kids' room. Our daughter has been playing there since she was 5 months old and needed lots of attention to get used to being away from Mommy and Daddy. The rules are pretty simple. They watch kids 3 months old and up. Under 1 year old, you can leave your kid with them for an hour; over 1, for two hours each day. Since they're not a daycare, you'll have to remain in the gym. It's a nice chance to get some exercise, but for this full-time dad, it's also a nice chance to be off-duty for a little while. If you go fairly regularly, you can look at your membership price as babysitting for $2-3 dollars an hour (plus playmates!)

What we liked: The staff is wonderful. I not only trust them with our daughter, but she loves seeing them, and they've done a wonderful job caring for her as she's gotten used to being around strangers. There is a separate area for babies so they don't get bumped into by the older boys and girls. All the toys are washed daily and the play areas have always been clean and tidy. As a gym, it's a friendly, laid-back place, with some exercise classes throughout the day. Lastly, Fitness World is in the same strip mall as Bean Trader's Coffee, so if you figure a muffin is 500 calories and you have 1 hour on the exerbike... well you see where this is going.

What we would change: The kids room is a little small. When enough little ones accumulate, they move to the basketball court to give everyone enough room, so it's not a problem, but it would be nice for the kids to have enough room to play in their kids' area when it's busy.

Website and other important information:


Kids' Room Website:

Address: 105 W NC Highway 54 Suite 271 Durham, North Carolina 27713

Phone: (919) 544-9000

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Julie said...

I use fitness world and their daycare a lot and like them for the most part. However, in the summer it is not a good idea to leave kids under three with them. Because all the kids are out of school, that small room gets packed with sometimes 40-60 kids and 2-4 providers. They do try and take the kids to other parts of the gym but for that many kids of that many different ages, the care in the summertimes can be substandard. I have complained multiple summers and it does not good so I find childcare elsewhere in the summers. During the year I love them and think the childcrare is great. Just be aware the summers are a different issue.

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