Saturday, September 24, 2011


Seems like they're popping up everywhere.  The latest area frozen yogurt shop has just opened and added even more deliciousness to the local sweet treat scene.  These self-serve frozen yogurt shops are trendy, but for good reason.  They are healthier than many sweet treat choices, fun for the kids to design their own, and relatively inexpensive.

What it is: Moonberries is the newest self-serve frozen yogurt shop, recently opened in the Petco/Target shopping center off of Renaissance Parkway near Southpoint Mall.  We headed over there this afternoon after the soggy weather cancelled our soccer game, and it was a great way to lift our spirits.  Everyone was very friendly and welcoming on their grand opening celebration.  They offered us free samples and greeted us warmly.  We made our decisions-chocolate and chocolate M&M's for my oldest (of course), lemon and strawberries for my husband, and pumpkin spice, granola, and caramel for me.  We selected our portions and served the frozen yogurt ourselves, dished up our toppings, set them on the scale for payment, then ate and enjoyed.

What we liked: The toppings were plentiful, and it's always fun to create your dish yourself.  As we said earlier, the cost is reasonable and the yogurt itself is pretty healthy (if you choose the right toppings).  In addition, the yogurt was really tasty and seemed thicker and richer than some of the other frozen yogurt places we have checked out recently.  They have outdoor tables which is also a nice touch.

What we would change: It was delicious, so there's not much we would change.  The price is 40 cents per ounce which is ever so slightly higher (about 3 cents and ounce) than some of the other self-serve frozen yogurt places, but that doesn't really make for a meaningful difference. 

Website and other important information:


Address: 8200 Renaissance Park way Durham, NC 27713

Phone Number:  919-484-7700



 1. The view of the storefront


 2. A view of the inside

 3. A few of the frozen yogurt dispensers

 4. Toppings, toppings, and more toppings

5. Mmmmm, sauces

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Lynne said...

What do they do about allergies? With all the self serve toppings I worry about the mixing of things, esp peanuts. If I can find a place that's proactive or has separate toppings for allergic consumers I woukd be there in a heartbeat!

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