Wednesday, September 28, 2011


*Peek a do has reopened  in the Renaissance Village shopping center near Southpoint Mall, hooray!

What it is: A child's first haircut only comes around once.  I always remember looking in my baby book and finding the page with a picture of me sitting in the salon chair looking a little nervous and next to it, the little lock of blond hair in the envelope.  For some reason, that was my favorite page in the whole book.  So, when it came time to get my boys' first haircuts, I wanted it to be a bit special.  That's why we headed to Peek-a-Do.  This is a salon completely catering to kids.  They have chairs in the shapes of airplanes, cars, or trains, TV's that your child can watch while they get a haircut, a play area for the siblings, and an area for purchasing little gifts or rewards for a successful haircut experience.

One of the biggest draws for me, however, was their first haircut package.  I liked the fact that they acknowledged that first haircuts were special.  They understood that this moment could reduce many moms to tears, so they made it a little special.  In addition to the other Peek-a-Do amenities I've already mentioned they gave us before and after pictures, a certificate, and that little envelope full of baby hair.  My boys both handled it pretty well, with lots of smiles and only a few tears.  It was a lovely first haircut experience.

What we liked: Like I said, they did a great job making the first haircut experience special for us.  In addition, it was fun for the kids because of all the kid-friendly amenities.  The play area for waiting and siblings was a brilliant idea.

What we would change: It is more expensive than a typical haircut ($20 for a regular cut and $26 for the first haircut package), so I don't think I can justify it for a regular haircut, but it was great for those special moments.

Website and other important information:


Address: 8202 Renaissance Pkwy, Durham

Phone Number: (919) 544-5775

Hours: Open Mon-Tue,Fri 10am-6pm; Wed-Thu 10am-8pm; Sat 9am-5pm; Sun 12pm-5pm


 (a view of the outside of the shop)

 (the reception area)

 (waiting/shop area)

 (little goodies for purchase)

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Anonymous said...

Another nice thing about Peek-a-do is getting your haircut at the same time. It was my first in almost a year. I didn't cry, though.

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