Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Skytop Orchards

The weather's finally getting colder, and it feels like Fall is finally here.  It's time for all those great fall activities that we love like the State Fair, pumpkin patches, soccer games, and of course apple picking.  We've discovered that it's a little harder to find a place to pick apples around here, so we had to report on this spot that we've found even though it is a bit of a drive.

What it is: Located in Flat Rock, NC, Sky Top Orchards is a fall spectacle of apple picking fun.  The day that we went out there we were definitely not the only ones that had that idea and the parking lot was full.  Once we got out of the car we saw a two playgrounds with slides, swings, hay spiders, and more for your kids to play and pose on.  There were also several tractors to play on and investigate.  The first thing I noticed when I arrived, however, was the smell of freshly-made donuts.  So, when we got there I immediately headed through their shop, past the counter where you could buy apple slushies, apple cider, apple fritters, and more to the donut counter.  Their apple cider, cinnamon sugar donuts were just as good as they smelled and a perfect way to start our excursion.

We also picked up a basket and prepared to head out into the orchard.  There were about 5 different types of apples that were available to be picked that day.  There were some that were low enough for our little boys to pick them off the bottom branches and others where their daddy had to scale the trees to get the best apples.  Regardless, the kids had a great time running around and climbing the trees, as long as we kept them away from the fallen apples at the bottom of the trees.

What we liked: I always like exposing the kids to where their food actually comes from.  It was great for them to see where apples actually grow.  Plus, there's nothing better than running through the trees in the mountains on a crisp fall day.

What we would change: Of course, we would bring the apple orchard closer if we could.  4.5 hours is a long drive for apples.  However, it is only 30 minutes from Asheville, so it would be perfect for a weekend excursion to the mountains!

While we love Sky Top orchard, but we'd love to hear about your apple picking experiences as well and where else we could venture from Durham for some apple picking fun!

Website and other important information:


Address: 1193 Pinnacle Mountain Road, Flat Rock, NC 28731

Phone Number: (828) 692-7930


 (Green apples-our favorite was the Mutsu variety.)

 (A few of the apple trees in the distance)

(Red apples-these were harder to find.)


(Fun on one of the play area near our picnic table.)


amy said...

Thanks for posting about this. Did you ask them about their pesticide usage?

The Stir Crazy Moms said...

I did not ask them, but in looking around I saw a conversation on facebook where they said that they "only use pesticides when there is a problem they are trying to control." So looks like there is some usage.

Debs Dealz said...

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Kelly said...

I went to Millstone Creek Orchards today with a group of kids. It's only an hour west of Durham, and we had a great time. It's simple: apples to pick, some tire swings, a nature trail, a little store with lots of goodies. The owners are really nice and the kids got to watch the apples get cleaned and polished. They have some hayrides and other tours available for $, but we just did the free stuff and had a great time.

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