Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whippoorwill Park

What it is: We hit this park up on a day when we were exploring all of the fun that North Durham has to offer.  It definitely would have been great to pair up with a stop by Pelican's Sno Balls which is just around the corner!  This was a nice big playground set back away from the road in the trees.  It also has some tennis courts and a baseball field.  The playground itself has two structures-a bigger one for the older children and one geared towards the younger kids.  There were also swings and benches for everyone to enjoy.  My kids enjoyed both structures-the younger one was definitely good for my one year old.  They were fairly typical play structures, but the kids enjoyed them.

What we liked:  The playground was big and had a lot of space.  The structures were also interesting and had enough to keep our kids entertained.

What we would change: We went the day after Hurricane Irene visited and there was a lot of mud that had drifted down from the hills to the edges of the playground. While I feel like it wouldn't be that bad if the weather was drier, I don't think that mud was just a result of the recent rain and it might be a little bit of a problem at other times.

Website and other important information:


Address: 1632 ROWEMONT DRIVE 27705


 1. A view of the whole playground

 2. The structure for the big kids

3. The smaller play area

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