Friday, October 14, 2011

Science Safari

What it is: Science Safari is a toy store in Cary that specializes in scientific toys... from chemistry sets and microscopes to stuffed animals and games. It's a small store jam-packed with all manner of toys for inquisitive kids.

What we liked: It was hard not to like all the toys - if we didn't have kids and had the time, they would be wonderful toys for our inner children. Every toy in the store does something and makes you wonder what it is and how it works. Tickle-me-you-know-who has his place, but in Science Safari the toys make the real world a wonderful fascinating place. Other than loving (and appreciating) the science toys, they have a small collection of live animals to see, and they host birthdays in their back room. Even though the store is geared for kids older than our toddler (no chemistry sets, yet), she had a great time playing with what she could get her hands on, like the little wooden train set and things that light up when you shake them (OK, not science, but she's small). This is the store we wish was around when we were young.

What we would change: First off, we would move the store closer to South Durham :-). We've got Learning Express, and it has more for toddlers for Science Safari, but in a few years I think we'll be making pilgrimage to Cary to shop for toys. Also, we would toddler-proof the store a bit more so that we could relax and explore a little more easily.

Website and other important information:


Address: 1255 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC  27511

Phone: 919-460-6051

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