Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cares Child Aviation Restraint System

Tis the season of holiday travels, and we just got back from a long journey to visit our family.  The journey included several plane flights including one that I had to make by myself with my two boys.  I had to tell everyone about this discovery that made my journey SOOO much easier!  I don't normally include things like this for the blog, but it was so helpful I wanted to let everyone know.

What it is: I was debating whether or not I would bring car seats on the planes for my boys to sit in.  I had tried this once before and lugging the car seat onto the airplane where I didn't feel like it fit securely in his seat what extremely difficult.  However, I knew my boys, especially my youngest wiggle worm needed something in addition to the airplane seat belt.  Than, I stumbled upon the CARES harness.  Apparently it's the only FAA approved harness, and it is made specifically for airplanes.  It is a simple harness that you can fit in the diaper bag.  When you get on the plane, you can slip it over your child's seat and it turns the seat and existing seat belt into a five-point harness like you would find on your car seat.  It's easy to install and then your child is cozy and protected just like they are in a car seat!

What we liked: I didn't have to lug my car seat onto the plane!  The harness was easy to install, much easier than installing the car seat in the airplane seat.  Plus, they don't even charge the baggage fees to check car seats!

What we would change: They were fairly expensive to purchase.  However, I feel like it was definitely worth it! In addition, airplane tickets are expensive, and you must purchase a seat for your child in order to use the harness.

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Anonymous said...

We used this too and thought it was so much easier than a car seat to manage!! In terms of the expense -- one option is to get is second-hand. We found ours which looked brand new at one of the kiddie consignment stores in Chapel Hill (Red Hen).

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