Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scratch Bakery

What it is: So, we've been hearing about the infamous donut muffins for months now.  So we had to head over to Scratch Bakery in downtown Durham to check out the deliciousness for ourselves.  Scratch is a small bakery located on Orange St. in downtown right next door to The Fun Zone and across the street from Dos Perros.  We headed over on a rainy morning this week to investigate.  They had several delicious pastries in cases for us to drool over, some savory, some sweet.  But of course, our eyes went right towards the donut muffins, coated in sugar and waiting in a bowl for us to pick several out.  They also had coffee and a lunch menu with soups and sandwiches that looked tasty, but we will have to check those out next time.  The bakery was filled with people chatting or working on computers. There were no other kids in the bakery at that time, but everyone else didn't seem to mind us sticking around to eat.  The donut muffins were only around $2 per muffin so we sampled both the chocolate and buttermilk.  They were a delicious treat on a rainy day, and we can't wait to stop back by soon.

What we liked:  We loved their delicious donut muffins so I'm imagining that the other goodies they have to offer are equally yummy.  We liked their proximity to The Fun Zone, so if their hours overlap, maybe on the weekend, you might be able to drop your kids off at The Fun Zone and enjoy a child free meal right next door at Scratch (You'll have to check everyone's hours to see if this would really work out.)

What we would change:  The seating wasn't the kid-friendliest.  I felt that we were too close to other patrons that were trying to work in their nearby table.  My toddler kept trying to strike up a conversation with the girl working at the table next to us.  However, there were tables that were more convenient for kids and high chairs, but they were taken when we were there.  In addition, there's a parking lot right in front of Scratch, but I think it's only available for the public on the weekends.  I tried to go in their and get a ticket when we went, and we couldn't get a ticket.  However, I was able to snag a parallel parking spot nearby.

Website and other important information:


Address: 111 Orange St, Durham, NC 27701

Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 7:30am-4pm, Saturday-Sunday: 9am-3pm



 2. Inside the bakery

3. A view from the outside

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