Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bull Street Gourmet and Market

The Hope Valley Square Shopping Center is quickly becoming one of my favorite shopping centers in Durham.  It has been recently renovated and with the renovations came Pops Backdoor South, Ricks, OnlyBurger, and Tutti Frutti.  Now, you can add Bull Street Gourmet and Market to that list. 

What it is: Bull Street Gourmet and Market is a combination gourmet and specialty food store and a cafe.  My son and I stopped by the other day and found a great little addition to the shopping center.  The gourmet foods section is not large, but there are lots of yummy items to catch your eye.  There is a wall of candy with lots of unique goodies starting at prices as low as 10 cents, perfect for your kids sweet tooth.  My son was especially eyeing the gourmet lollipop stand.  Then, across from the candy section is the wine section, perfect for the parents.  A little further back is an area with lots of gourmet sauces and other goodies.  Then, in the back of the store is a refrigerated case with gourmet sodas and some refrigerated dip including their fantastic pimento cheese spread which I sampled.

The other side of the store was seating for their cafe.  Their menu included lots of delicious looking salads, sandwiches and breakfast items.  They also have coffee and some pastries.  They have a kids menu with selections such as a PB&J, BLT, and other kid-friendly items.

What we liked:  We loved the candy section with little cheap items like the 50 cent chocolate flavored straws for milk that we bought as a treat for my sons.  It would be a great place to stop after a trip to Southwest library for a little treats or lunch.  I can't wait to head back and try the pimeto cheese. Plus, the spread was reasonably priced at $2.99 for the tub.

What we would change: The candy and other gourmet treats were all fairly grabbable, so I might bring the most grabby toddlers in a stroller. :)

Website and other important information: 

Website: http://bullstreetdurham.com/index.php

Address: 3710 SHANNON RD, DURHAM, NC, 27703


 1. a view from the doorway

 2. candy, candy, candy

 3. The cafe section

 Mmmmm, wine

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jelly andrews said...

Wow! This seems to be a must visit place. If I were only somewhere near, I would surely love to. Imagine goodies at 10 cents. That’s really very affordable especially kids.

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