Friday, January 6, 2012

Food Truck Friday: Parlez-Vous Crepe

Welcome to our first Food Truck Friday!  I love the food truck scene in the area, but I haven't been able to get out to as many as I  would like.  So, we've brought in our wonderful blogger friend Katie from A Southern Part of Heaven to impart her wonderful food truck knowledge every Friday.  Thanks so much, Katie!  You can check out the original post here:

So, I married a man from Montreal.  A man from Montreal who loves crepes. We are talking intense love. We got married early in the day so that our reception could be brunch, including crepes. (more on my love for brunch another day).   He, in fact, makes one mean crepe.  I'm certain he is thrilled for me to share that.  Really. I. am.   Even though he makes a great crepe, his schedule doesn't always allow.  Let's face it, with work, a toddler, two cats, and a yard to keep up with,  he's busy.  oh yeah, and a wife.  really busy.  We were so disappointed when Crepes Veronique closed!  But, we've found our fix, and an incredible fix at that.  (it has to be incredible because the man from Montreal, is, well, kind of a crepe snob.  will not eat pancakes, must have crepes.) You get the picture.

What is this incredible fix?  Parlez-Vous Crepe!  We love it!  In case you haven't heard of Parlez Vous Crepe, it isn't a restaurant, it is one of our local food trucks!  Owned by Jody Argote, who learned all about crepes while living in France, Parlez-Vous Crepe serves both sweet and savory crepes and has a couple of regular locations.

First, let's talk about the sweet and the savory--starting with savory.  We tried one with brie, sliced apples, mixed greens and apple butter.  There is only one word to describe it:  Divine.   Now the sweet.  Lemon Creme with fresh sliced strawberries.   Light.  Sweet, but not too.  It was perfect.  No wonder people stand in line for these things!

Now, location, location, location.  You can find them regularly on Thursdays at the Southern Village Farmers' Market across from the Lumina Theater.  It's a perfect stop for a light dinner or a sweet treat post-market or pre-movie!   Have a hankering for breakfast, brunch, or lunch instead?  Find them at Johnny's in Carrboro on Saturdays from 9am-2pm.  Those are the regular locations, but they have other stops as well.  They will also cater your next event.  Check out the website at:

Try them!  You will love them!


Kate said...

Thanks for the repost! In case you can't tell, we love Parlez Vous Crepe!

A quick update: since Johnny's closed, you can find them on SAturdays from 9a-2p in the Glasshalfull lot.

Happy Eating.


Karetchko said...

I get Facebook updates from Parlez-Vous Crepe and they just posted an announcement that they are going to be at Johnny's on Sundays. Here's the update:

"BIG NEWS! Returning to Johnny's of Carrboro on SUNDAYS (901 W. Main) beginning next Sunday. We'll have our old favs + a new brunch crêpe. 10a-3p. Help us spread the word!!!"

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