Sunday, January 1, 2012

Terrific Tales Storytime

The weather was fairly delightful for January today, but in looking at the forecast, it looks like some frightfully cold weather is on its way.  So, I thought I would share a fun indoor activity for you on a cold day.

What it is:  We love a good storytime, and we've tried to post some of our favorites (  for you to check out and find yours.  However, storytimes always seem to change, so please let us know if you discover one you like so we can check it out and tell all our readers about it!

This storytime is at Southwest Library so it would fit in perfectly with our last post on a great Three-fer that includes Southwest Library.  On Tuesdays at 10:30 is the Terrific Tales Storytime.  We stopped by on Tuesday a few weeks ago and found a great morning activity which can be combined with a trip to the library to check out some books.  The storytime, let by Miss Amy who is full of energy and keeps the kids attention, is a mix between stories and rhymes for the kids.  Plus, like any great storytime, at the end comes bubbles!

What we liked:  We loved Miss Amy's energetic personality.  She really worked to keep everyone's attention, and the regulars really seemed to know and participate in the rhymes.  Plus, all kids look forward to bubbles!

What we would change:  While my 3 year old was completely focused and kept having to creep up closer and closer to better see the book, my busy 18 month old lost focus during the longer stories.  I might wait until he's a little older before I bring him back next time.

Website and other important information:

*For any library storytime it is always good to check the Durham Public Library calendar because they do take weeks off occasionally.


Address: Southwest Regional Library, 3605 Shannon Road, Durham, NC 27707

Phone Number: 919- 560-8590

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