Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three-fer Thursday: West Point on the Eno+Chick-fil-A+Goodberries

For this Three-fer we decided to head up to North Durham.  This time we head up Roxboro Rd. to West Point on the Eno to start our day. You can park and hike around the 5 miles of beautiful, wooded trails bordering the Eno River, dip your toes in the river, or even bring your kayak to paddle around.  After you're done exploring nature you can head to three historic buildings on the property including the West Point Mill complete with bridge and water wheel that has been restored to functionality.  There you can watch the water turn the wheel or pass under the bridge then head inside to check out the inner workings of the mill and even buy some of their stone ground meal or other goodies.  These buildings are open 1pm-5pm mid-March thru mid-December.

After your romp on the park, if you don't feel like packing a picnic, head back to Roxboro Rd. and south toward I-85.  Not far down the road you will find a Chick-Fil-A for your dining pleasure, always one of my kids' favorite restaurants.  After you're finished with your lunch or dinner head next door to the always delicious Goodberries.  There you can sit outside and enjoy some delicious frozen custard, perhaps checking out their tasty Carolina Concrete, to finish off this N. Durham Three-fer!  If you're feeling in the mood for a different kind of treat you can head a little further south to Pelican's SnoBalls for one of many, many flavors of Sno-Ball.  Your choice!

When to go: Since 2 out of 3 of these Three-fer options are outdoors we would check out this option on a day with nice weather.

What it will cost you: West Point on the Eno is free, even admission to any of the historic buildings is free.  Chick-fil-A will cost typically around $20 for a family of 4.  Goodberries delicious frozen custard will cost you several dollars per dessert.

What to bring:  Bring your bug spray and sunblock to the park, as well as your best hiking and wilderness exploring attire.  For the rest of the outing, bring your appetite!

Happy Three-fer Thursday!  If you have any Three-fers to add to our collection please let us know, and to find your own Three-fer you can look at our always in-progress map to see what is located nearby to where you are or where you would like to go adventure!

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