Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Buffalo Wild Wings

I've been watching this new restaurant being built for the past several months now since it is so close to my house.  So, when Buffalo Wild Wings opened up a couple of weeks ago, I knew we had to go by and check it out.

What it is: Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant where you can go and eat some wings, other burger-type food, and watch sports, lots of sports.  I didn't know how kid friendly it would be so we decided to check it out.  We went at 5:30 on a Saturday night in hopes of beating the crowds.  However, the smallish lot was full anyway when we arrived and we had to circle several times to find a spot.  They said we had a 45-50 minute wait when we arrived, but we arrived just as the UNC game was ending.  That means everyone got up and left when the game was over so we had a seat in 10 minutes.

Boy was it loud in there.  They had music and about a million TV screens showing all sorts of sporting events.  Our sons were entranced for a few minutes but after that they didn't really pay much attention to the TV's.  They did have kids menus for the kids to color, which was nice.  My husband and I ordered the wings which I had never tried, and they were pretty good.  They had a decent kids menu so we ordered some mac and cheese which came with a drink and fruit.  We wanted them to try the wings, but our picky eaters would have nothing to do with them.  Perhaps they would like the boneless wings better?

What we liked: It is a good place to watch sports if you have a game you would like to see while you eat.  Plus, the kids' menu had reasonable selection at reasonable prices.

What we would change: Parking is hard to find because the lot isn't big enough.  The wait could be very long when you go because it's a new restaurant.  Plus, the loud noise inside might be too much for some younger kids who don't like noise.  

*I think our final decision would be that we would come back and sit outside on a nice day because it is quieter, the kids could watch the cars on nearby Herndon Rd. from there, and they still have TV's out there on which to watch your favorite game.  

Website and other important information: 

Address:  6709 Fayetteville RdDurham, NC

Website: www.BuffaloWildWings.com


1. My son is entertained by the kids' menu

2. Our view of the TV filled interior

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