Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Parents' Morning Out at the Museum of Life and Science

Thanks to fellow Stir Crazy Mom Abby for this telling about this fabulous new program at one of our favorite spots, the Museum of Life and Science!

What it is: Museum of Life and Science in Durham is offering Parents' Morning Out! It is a new program that started in January 2012 on Tuesday mornings from 9-11:45.  Children as young as 3.5 and up to 6 years old have the perfect place for fun while experiencing hands on learning at the museum. I signed up my shy 3 and 3/4 year old and he loved it! It gives all moms (and dads) time to do something solo or in my case, some special one-on-one time with his little brother. Worth every penny!

They spend time visiting the exhibits and enjoying science activities that foster their curiosity and imagination. Each month has a different focus.  February is Science of Art. The website contains additional information regarding the monthly themes.

What we liked: Everything! Seriously. For those of you that spend time at the Life and Science museum, you already know how fantastic it is. For those new to it- I highly recommend checking it out! Very organized program (coming from a type-A teacher:) and friendly, knowledgeable staff. I felt comfortable dropping him off...his first time for such an extended time with new people/classroom. 

I appreciated the email I received the night before with reminders/tips and upon arrival he had his own "cubby" with his name on it. They got right to work-happily. He enjoyed his time so much that he didn't run to see me at the door when I returned for pick-up. I wasn't there with him, but according to him they had indoor class time as well as outside time. The even got up close to bugs from the Butterfly house! When I spied in the classroom window I saw him in a small group working cooperatively with about a 4:1 ratio.

What we would change: It was our first visit and I was happy with what I witnessed. I would just
mention that if you buy per session you are not going to get the discount of buying a month at a time. If you are a member, the cost is $85 for a month of classes (every Tuesday morning). What a deal! Becoming a member is worth it because it is a great place to visit at least once a week!


http://www.ncmls.org/  - go to Camps and Classes link for PMO information

433 West Murray Avenue  Durham, NC 27704-3101
(919) 220-5429

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