Friday, March 16, 2012

Food Truck Friday: Durham Central Park Food Truck Rodeo

What it is: This Food Truck Friday is a little break from Katie's fabulous reporting from Southern Part of Heaven.  This time, this Stir Crazy Mom finally went to a food truck event in Durham herself. (yay!) I keep meaning to catch these delicious food trucks, but for some reason I've only been able to catch one in Carrboro when the food was all sold out.  However, my luck was able to change that past weekend.

There was a food truck rodeo in Durham Central Park with 29! food trucks on Saturday from 1:30-5:30, the first one of this spring season.  While we couldn't get there right when it started, we got there as soon as my little one woke up from his nap, about 3:30.  We circled the food trucks once first to get an idea of what was there.  Then, we were able to park the toddlers in Durham Central park to play in the grass while one parent went and stood in line for some delicious Parlour Ice Cream for the boys.  My husband had to wait 1/2 hour for the ice cream, but the kids were still happily playing in the grass, and the ice cream was definitely good.  We were also able to sample a delicious grilled cheese from American Meltdown (goat cheese and figs).  We were lucky enough to get their last pieces of bread!

What we liked:  It's great to have the chance to sample all of that great local food in one place.  There were so many delicious options that we didn't know what to try.  When we did decide what to try, it was all delicious.  Plus, since the rodeo took place at Durham Central Park we had the nice park to play in while one parent waited in line and after we were done eating.  They had live music and it was a fun atmosphere.

What we would change:  The lines, oh the lines!  The lines were brutal, and we didn't even stand in the longest ones.  In addition, by the time we were standing in line, some of the trucks were running out of some things which was frustrating.  Next time that we go, we will make sure to get there before the rodeo is supposed to start and get in line early.  That way, we'll be sure to get what we want.

Website and other important information:

Website: (This is the website for Durham Central Park.  While there are no more food truck rodeos on the site right now, when there's another one at Durham Central Park, it will be listed on this site.)

* (The website for a new food truck in the area where we got our delicious grilled cheese)

* (The website for our delicious ice cream treat)


 (A view of the rodeo from Durham Central Park)

 (Durham Central Park)

(The line at the American Meltdown truck)

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