Friday, April 20, 2012

Food Truck Friday: The Parlour

It's Friday, so it's time for another fabulous Food Truck Friday from Katie at Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven.  This time, she found a delicious dessert option.  Our family has sampled this one too and we can confirm that they're delicious!

I'm not a big ice cream fan.  I don't dislike it, but I don't ever feel the need to run out and get some.  (okay, if hot fudge and a brownie are involved, that could be a different story--but I don't crave it.)  However, after eating ice cream from the Parlour (one of Durham's fabulous food trucks, or, ummm...buses) today, I might be in trouble.  You see, I tried it, and it was incredible!  

I had the vanilla malt chip (yum! malt flavoring in vanilla with chocolate chips) and my two year old had the chocolate.  The vanilla malt chip was delicious and the chocolate wasn't bland, weak, chocolate--I'll call it chocolate with a presence.  It was fantastic!  With offerings from the traditional to their famed salted butter caramel to strawberry basil, banana rum sorbet and champagne mango sorbet (going vegan? they've got it!) to the their chocolate stout ice cream featuring Fullsteam beer, they have something for everyone.   Oh, and how could I forget? They have toppings for your ice cream, and they also serve up sizeable shakes and ice cream sodas!

Prices aren't super-cheap, but I can promise you that we've spent more on chain frozen yogurt, and not gotten half the flavor or experience. 

Ice cream on a food truck (it's a bus)?  Yes!  They make it in small batches at the Cookery in Durham, and use as many local ingredients as possible, including dairy from Jackson Dairy and Homeland Creamery.  They also use lots of local fruit from Lyon Farms, and the coffee they use comes from Joe Van Gogh.  How's that for going local?  

If you haven't already tried it, run, don't walk, to find the Parlour! Their website below will tell you where they are on any given day.  Their ice cream is well worth tracking them down.  But forewarned is fairwarned, it's addictive.  Thank goodness for the Mom in Chapel Hill Fitness Challenge--otherwise, I would be in trouble!

The Parlour

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Rochelle Johnson said...

Vanessa Mazuz, who owns The Parlour, will be teaching a Culinary Workshop at The Cookery (in case you're interested in learning how to make this delicious ice cream)! Here are the details:

Making Delicious Ice Cream from Home and Berry Picking at Lyon Farms
Thursday, May 10th 6:30PM
Vanessa Mazuz
Owner, The Parlour
Register at!

Thinking about getting a home ice cream maker? Have one that's collecting dust in the kitchen? Learn the secret to creating phenomenal ice cream from the owner of the Triangle's favorite ice cream shop on wheels!

By the end of this class, you'll see just how easy it is to make great ice cream at home using the best local ingredients. We'll be making strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries from Lyon Farms in Creedmoor. Participants will leave with several ice cream and topping recipes, and a jar of homemade hot fudge sauce.

Class bonus: Come pick strawberries with Vanessa at Lyon Farms that morning! The freshly picked berries will be used for the workshop in the evening. Meet Vanessa at Lyon Farms at 10:00 am, and join her until noon. To RSVP, please email Vanessa at For directions to Lyon Farms, please CLICK HERE. It is located at 1544 Munns Road in Creedmoor.

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