Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yogurt Bites

We love Pinterest, and we found this great little recipe/idea on the site a few weeks ago.  My boys love it, and it's perfect for kids on a hot summer day.  So, enjoy!

All you need to do is take your kids' favorite flavor of yogurt. Get out a hard surface and cover with wax paper. Then, simply place small drops of the yogurt on the wax paper, whatever size you think your kids would enjoy.  Next, just pop it in the freezer.  After a few hours, just take it out for a delicious snack.  Kids can simply peel them off of the wax paper and pop the yogurt bites in their mouth.  My sons love them and can polish off an entire sheet of wax paper in minutes!

Hope everyone enjoys making this delicious, easy treat!  (those are the best kind.)

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