Friday, May 4, 2012

Carrboro Town Commons Playground

What it is:  I wanted to add this little post to go with our post about the Carrboro Farmers Market.  We went down there a few weekend ago we made sure to search out the little playground that we had heard was near the market.  After roaming around the delicious goods in the market, the kids were getting a bit twitchy so we searched out the playground, and indeed it was sitting just outside the market in the town square.

Now, this isn't a large playground, but it is fenced and has a fun play structure for some kids.  In addition there's a large shade sail over the play structure to keep the sun out on a hot day at the market.  It was a perfect little break from our market shopping!

What we liked:  We loved how the playground was right at the market.  In addition, it was fenced, so the kids can't escape off into the crowds of the market.  Plus, it's shaded so you can even enjoy it in the middle of the summer.

What we would change: It was fairly crowded when we headed over on market day.  So, kids that don't like crowds might thing this playground is a bit over whelming.  In addition, it's small, so it might not hold older kids interest for long.

Website and other important information: 


Address: Located on West Main Street next to town hall and the farmers market in Carrboro.


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