Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homestead Park

What it is:  After our outing to Caffe Driade last week, we decided to take the boys someplace to get a little more energy out.  So, we needed a park.  A few miles down the road was Homestead Park and it fit the bill perfectly.  The playground part is within a larger park that includes some baseball fields, trails, a dog park, and even Homestead indoor pool which we told you about earlier.  It took us a while to find where to park to get to the playground, but once we did, we found that it was a great little stop for the kids.

The playground had a big purple dinosaur slide which the boys found immensely entertaining.  There was also a set of swings and a large play structure with some fun tubes to crawl around in.  My boys favorite part of the playground, however, was located just next to the play structure and swings.  There was a clearing in the woods, and in the clearing were a bunch of boulders.  They just loved climbing all over them.

What we liked: We loved the boulders in the woods and the dinosaur slide.  In addition, there were restrooms right next to the playground which is always a plus.  It's location is great next to trails and the pool so you could easily combine the playground with some other active fun.

What we would change: The one thing that we would change was how tricky the playground was to find.  When we headed to the pool parking lot, we couldn't find it.  We had to head to the other entrance off of New Stateside Dr. where we could see it behind some baseball fields.  There wasn't much parking there, but we were able to find a spot along the street on the day we went.

Website and other important information:


Address: 100 Northern Park Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516


(the purple dinosaur slide)

(the play structure)

(the boulders in the woods)

(a view through the woods to the playground)

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