Saturday, September 8, 2012


What it is:  Now, tonight we're probably writing about something that you have all heard of and probably used before.  But it's such a fun tool for parents that I thought I would write a quick post just to let you know about it and how we use it.  Pinterest is a website where people simply post things they like-things they would wear, things they have eaten, things they have made, quotes they simply like, and more.  Then, other people look at these posts and "pin" the ones that they like too.  They are then compiled into "boards" where you have a collection of ideas that you have "pinned" on Pinterest.

I'm afraid that my pins on Pinterest are not very diverse.  They are primarily yummy food ideas that I want to try, activities I could do with the kids, or a few decorative ideas for the house.  Those are the things that I usually find and like.  The things that I do try out that I find on Pinterest usually turn out to be fun ideas and new creative twists that I can add to my life.  For example, we have made signs for the boys' rooms out of finger paint, spare canvases, and tape.  They look great!  I also discovered the great idea of freezing little yogurt bites in the freezer for a great new kids' snack.  Plus, there's about a million ideas waiting on my Pinterest boards for me to try when I'm looking for something new to eat or to do with the kids.  What ideas have you tried from Pinterest?

Once you go to Pinterest you create an account.  Then, you choose people to follow-like your friends on Facebook, or just people who you like what they pin.  That way, you can find more pins that are geared toward you.  It can definitely suck up some time, but it can also give a tired mommy brain some new ideas!

**Oh, and I have to tell everyone about another little site I've found related to Pinterest.  You know that not every Pinterest idea that you try will turn out wonderfully.  Every once and a while you try something that just doesn't turn out anything like the original post on Pinterest.  I've found a website devoted to these Pinterest-failures.  It's called Pintrosity.  For anyone that has tried something off of Pinterest, or even if you haven't, this website will just make you laugh.  I'm sure I will have my collection of my own Pintrosities in no time!

What we liked: We just love all of the ideas that you can find on Pinterest.  I frequently lose my creativity, but fortunately, there are plenty of people on Pinterest with plenty of creativity for me to borrow.

What we would change: It's a fun site, but like any social media website it can suck up a lot of time before you know it.




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