Monday, November 19, 2012

Bien Aime

What it is:  There have been several great consignment sales that have opened up in Durham recently.  This is great for all of us parents that have extra kid clothing and gear laying around and not a ton of money to spend on new clothes for our growing kiddos.

Bien Aime is an upscale consignment store that has opened up in Downtown Durham.  We headed up there one afternoon and did a little shopping.  While the store isn't huge, they take care in what items they accept, so there are lots of cute clothing items there to be had.  There were a few accessories and books, but really the store was primarily clothing and shoes.  I looked around and checked out what was there, and while I was there my boys could hang out in the back and play with some toys that they provided-great!

I was worried that because they were an "upscale" consignment store I might not be able to find the same great prices that I am used to at consignment stores and sales.  However, fairly quickly I was able to find a great pair of pants (which is what I was looking for) for my oldest son that was only $3. They have a policy where any item that has been there over 3 months is 30% off so I was able to take advantage of that policy to lower the price of the pants.

For a consignor, this store is also a great option.  The accept many upscale and popular store brands and you can find an entire brand list on their website.  You can drop off your items for consigning and go with no appointment necessary.  While we didn't see many items other than clothing, they do accept quite a variety as listed on their website.  Once your items are accepted they are consigned for 60 days before they are donated.  If they are sold, the consignor keeps 40% of the final purchase price, so you can get a little money back for all of your item you no longer need.

*Oh, we parked in a lot behind their store on Main Street, but be careful because some of the spaces in that lot are reserved for other businesses.  They are marked on the ground of the space itself.

What we liked: I liked how I was able to find a good quality item that I was looking for really quickly, and it was still at a really good price!  It was also a very nice touch to have the kids area for the boys while I looked.

What we would change: As with most consignment stores, you don't get any money for your item until and if it sells.  So, you are not guaranteed any money.  In addition, since the store is smaller, you don't have quite the selection of some of the bigger sales.

Website and other important information:


Address: 1000 Main St, Suite 1C, Durham, 27701

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm, Closed Sunday


(A view of the store)

(The back with shoes and a little place for the kiddos to play)

(Looking in the window on a gray fall day)

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