Thursday, December 6, 2012

Carolina Wonderland Express at Life and Science

What it is:  Of course, we were back at the Museum of Life and Science this week to have fun and of course, we found something new to explore.  I had heard about the Carolina Wonderland Express last year, but we didn't have time to check it out.  Well, my younger son loves trains, so we headed on over one morning when his older brother was at preschool.

To enter the Wonderland Express exhibit you have to pay a little extra, but it's really not much.  It's $3 per ticket or $6 per membership.  So, if you have a membership, you pay $6 and anyone on your membership gets to visit the exhibit as many times as they want while it is open.

So, we got our tickets at the front desk and headed behind the desk and to the right-to the room that has been many things recently including a temporary cafe and the old music room.  Now, it is the home of the Wonderland Express.

We headed in and my son was entranced.  The scenes through which the trains traveled were beautiful, showing famous NC landmarks and scenes such as the water tower at the American Tobacco Campus, the Wright Brothers plane, and countless more fun NC scenes.  That part made it interesting for the adults, but my son didn't care at all about the scenes, he was focused on all the little trains choo-chooing through the scenes.  They went through mountains, valleys, and even over our heads on tracks.  The best part for the kids was that they could actually stop and start the trains using buttons at the front of each display.  In addition, one of the largest displays featured the trains Thomas and Percy.  These were my son's favorite of the whole exhibit, of course.  They also had a small booth where the kids could climb up and see the scenes from above.

What we liked: It was a lot of fun for the kids, and it's great how the museum frequently brings in new things for us to see and explore in addition to all of our old favorites.

What we would change: There is a small fee to see the exhibit, but if you have a membership, it's not much to pay at all for a trip to the museum.

Website and other important information:


Dates: November 17-January 6

Admission: $3 per person plus admission to the museum

Photos: Scenes from the express...

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