Monday, January 28, 2013

Cosmic Cantina

What it is: On this week's dining adventure in Durham we headed down to Ninth Street near Duke's East Campus to check out a college favorite-Cosmic Cantina.  I had been there before, pre-kids, but I was a little worried about whether it would be a good place to take kids.

It's actually located just off 9th St. on Perry St., but we could still easily park in the Ninth Street lot and walk a block down the street to get there.  It is hidden away on the second story of a building that also houses Ninth Street Dance.  This actually made it more of a fun adventure for the kids.  They felt like they were heading to a secret hideaway as they headed up the stairs to the entrance of the restaurant.

Once inside we ordered our food and found a table overlooking the street.  Turns out I was worried about the kid-friendliness for no reason.  It wasn't mobbed with college kids at all.  While we were there all of the other patrons were families just like us.  While they didn't have a special kids menu, they did have a quesadilla, which is one of our kiddos' favorites.  They were huge as well, so we only had to order one and split it between the boys.  We also got a queso and chips for all of us to split and delicious meals for my husband and I.  We had a great time eating our meal and watching the street below.

What we liked: The food was delicious and it's hidden location with a view was a fun treat for the munchkins.  It was also very reasonably priced.

What we would change: You do have to go up a skinny flight of stairs to get to the restaurant so you couldn't take a stroller and kids and carseats would be harder to lug up the stairs.  Oh well, I just thought of it as a little arm exercise!

Website and other important information: 


Address: 1920 Perry St., Durham

Hours: Open 11am-4am everyday


(the counter)

(A view from the outside-See their sign next to the Ninth Street Dance sign?  Just head in to that door and up some stairs to find the restaurant.)

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