Sunday, January 6, 2013

Help Stir Crazy Moms Help Babies (and have a little fun yourself)

So, it's January, time when everyone is making New Years resolutions.  If your resolutions include getting in shape, helping others, or just meeting some other moms then this post is for you!  This year, it's my resolution for this blog get our readers together, help people, and have a little fun, so I hope you will all join me!

At the school where I used to work we used to always participate in the annual March of Dimes March for Babies to help raise money for research and programs to help moms in their pregnancies, and premature babies.  It's a cause that has touched almost all of our lives and I always had a lot of fun heading out and walking with my friends and family for this good cause.

So, this year, I wanted Stir Crazy Moms to participate in the March for Babies.  I would love to have as many of our readers as possible come out and walk the 5K with us on April 27 of this year with strollers or without. You can walk or run, I just want to get everyone out for a good cause.  As a participant in the race you can do as much or as little fundraising as you would like.  You could get all of your friends and family to donate money to sponsor you and the Stir Crazy Moms team, or you could just donate yourself and join in on the fun.

I hope you can come out and walk with us on that day, but if you can't, you can also head to the team page to donate to support our cause.

Here are some of the fabulous reasons you want to come out and walk with us this year:
*You'll be raising money for a great cause.
*Your kiddos can be involved: You can tell them why you're walking and raising money and bring them along in their strollers on race day.
*Preparing to walk a 5K walk is great exercise!
*We can schedule a few times to meet up as a group to walk ahead of time, so you can get to know some other wonderful Durham parents.
*You can buy a nifty Stir Crazy Moms shirt (if you want) for you and your kiddos to wear on race day and the proceeds that we get will also go to March of Dimes

So, head to our team page, join our team, donate to our page, and help Stir Crazy Moms ring in the new year right!

Our Stir Crazy Moms March of Dimes Webpage:

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