Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stay & Play Snack Cafe

What it is:  I've been looking forward to writing this post for a long time!  A few months ago I heard about a Kickstarter campaign asking for donations to open a cafe in Durham where moms could relax and kids could have a great time.  It sounded like just what Durham needed, so we donated, and Durham came out in force with its support as well.  Their campaign was successful, and a couple of months down the road we were fortunate enough to go to the Grand Opening of the Stay & Play Snack Cafe.

The cafe opened up in downtown Durham on E. Chapel Hill St. just next door to popular restaurant Rue Cler.  We parked across the street in the parking garage where parking is $1 per hour on weekdays and free on weekends.  However there is also street parking available.

We headed in, took off our shoes (make sure to bring socks), and looked around at the new space.  It is bright and clean, and the kids immediately ran in, excited.  There was a train table, a kitchen area, a craft area, and an area with more climbing active soft toys.  There were also chairs and tables where adults could sit while their children played.  In the middle of the store is the counter where you pay for your visit and order coffee or food.  I loved their snacks for the kiddos.  They came in little muffin liners in muffin tins and you could pick one snack for $1.  We selected four to sample: the raisins, 2 varieties of Mad Popper popcorn, and some heart cereal. These were perfect snacks for the kiddos presented in a really fun way.

The kids could have stayed and played for a LONG time, and we enjoyed being able to sit and have a conversation while they played.  However, that's not all the the Stay & Play Snack Cafe has to offer.  They also will be offering classes from some of our local favorites including Mom and Tot Total Body Conditioning from Healthy Moms, Mom and Tot Yoga, Daily Craft Classes, and My Sweet Arts Classes.

It is a great new resource for Durham parents, so please head out and support this newest member of the Durham community just like we supported them through the Kickstarter!

What we liked: We loved the concept, space, and everything about it.  It was the perfect mix of kid fun while still being comfortable for adults.  The toys were clean and fun and the snacks were so much fun!  It's great how they also offer mom and tot classes as well.

What we would change: We loved it, so there's not much we would change.  However, the space is probably best for kiddos 5 and under.  Older than 5 might not find as much to entertain them.

Website and other important information:


Address: 405A E. Chapel Hill St, Durham

Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm, Saturday 11am-5pm


Adults: always free! 
First child: $4.50 
Additional children: $3.00 
10 visit pass: $32.00 
Playgroup members: $3.00 (To receive the group rate, you need 3 or more families in your group. Just let us know you are a playgroup when you check in.)
Some of the additional classes have additional fees, so just check their website for details.


(view of the kitchen and craft areas)

(the counter)

(snacks-love these!)

(movement and active play area)

(A view of the cafe from the doorway)


Iryna said...

Thank you for a write-up & the photos! Now I want to check it out even more:)

Anonymous said...

RIP, Stay 'n Play. You will be sorely missed.

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