Saturday, February 23, 2013

Durham Craftworks

What it is: I was so excited when I read about this place on Carpe Durham that I had to head on over and check it out for myself.  Durham Craftworks is a store located in Downtown Durham just across the street from Loaf and next door to the Fun Zone where you can buy all sorts of great gifts made by local Durham artists! 

The shop is small, but has lots of unique finds that you can take home while supporting Durham.  They have beautiful earrings, dresses, and purses and bags.  You can find stationery, paintings and photographs.  While the shop itself is small and may not have much to amuse the kids, you can leave them at the Fun Zone and stop by on your way to a great night out kid-free, or you can leave the rest of the family happily munching at Loaf or nearby Bull City Burger and head on over.  Once there you can pick up several goodies for the kiddos like stuffed animals or fun paintings with monsters. (I loved these, they just took an old boring painting and added a monster in for fun!)  Our favorite was the Durham gear!  They had Durham tee-shirts and onesies that you could buy for the kiddos or shirts, bags, or stickers you could buy for yourself.  I had been waiting to find a place to buy these and quickly snatched one up for myself.

What we liked:  We loved that we found a brick and mortar shop where we could buy art from local Durhamites.  They had many unique gifts that you wouldn't find somewhere else.

What we would change:  I don't know that it's a great stop with kids, but it gives you a great chance to get away and do a little shopping for yourself! 

Website and other important information:


Address: 104 W. Parrish St, Durham, NC

Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 1pm-7pm, Saturday: 11am-8pm


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