Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Merritt's Store and Grill

What it is:  A few weeks ago we were checking out another fantastic local blog, Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven.  There, we found out about another great Chapel Hill eatery.  Merritt's Store and Grill has been serving delicious food in Chapel Hill since 1929, so after Katie's glowing review, we had to check it out.

We drove up and it was surrounded by temporary road construction, but they were still open for business.  We ordered up at the counter and paid at their register while they prepared our food.  While they didn't have a kids' menu, they did have hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches for those picky toddlers.  They also had chips for a side and drinks of all varieties in the fridge and fountain.  I decided on a pimento cheese sandwich and a soda recommended by the chef.

Once we paid, we headed out to their outdoor seating (the vast majority of the seating was outdoors).  They had a great courtyard area in the back with a stage for the live music that they occasionally have.  We sat at a picnic table and enjoyed our meal, and while there wasn't much shade, it wasn't that hot on the day we were there.  The kiddos played in the gravel in the courtyard for a good 20 minutes at were completely entertained.  The food was great and the location was lovely.

What we liked:  The food was delicious, and the courtyard was a fun place for the kids to roam a little after they finished their meal.  I imagine it would be great fun when they had live music out there.

What we would change:  They did not have a distinct kids' menu, but they did have regular menu items that were very kid-friendly.  The courtyard was sunny, but they had tables with umbrellas out front for when the sun was very hot.

Website and other important information: 


Address: 1009 South Columbia Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Hours: Monday-Friday 6 am til 6 pm, Saturday 8 am til 3 pm


(The lovely courtyard-there are also a few tables tucked in the trees at the back.)

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