Friday, June 28, 2013

Apex Community Park

Here's a great new post from long-time Stir Crazy Mom, Abby who has just relocated to Apex and is excited to tell us about all of the great adventures that can be had there.  Fortunately for us, this great park that Abby found is only about 20-25 minutes away from those of us in S. Durham!

What it is: A large (160 acre) park that has well kept tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, sand volleyball, a fishing dock, two playgrounds, and also has a paved (~2mi) loop that surrounds a lake.  A very popular spot to be and although I have only been there twice, there are always lots of families out on the trail enjoying the lake views. If you prefer natural trails, they have those off the main path throughout the loop as well. My boys and I explored a few of the natural trails with our dog and she didn't mind the shade one bit!

What we like: There are plenty of parking spaces and there are lots of activities available. When you go towards the lake you will notice a big sign displaying different symbols that help mark where you are on the loop around the lake (ex- Bird). I thought that was a clever way to help people know where they were at all times.  I noticed on the park website that paddle boards and sailboards are now allowed as well. Please see the website for more details. 

What we would change: Nothing! Always nice to find another family friendly park. 

Website & other important information:

Address: 2200 Laura Duncan Road, Apex NC, 27502

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