Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daylight Donuts

We just told you about our outing at Millbrook Exchange Pool in North Raleigh.  If you're headed up in that area any time soon, we have the perfect stop for you!

What it is: Daylight Donuts is located in North Raleigh and it's a great family owned and operated business that sells, that's right, delicious donuts.  They had countless different flavors of donuts and muffins; "fancies" including scones, eclairs, cinnamon rolls and more; great coffee as well as other drinks like OJ and milk; and even seating where we could sit and enjoy our donuts.  The costs were very reasonable, but the best part and the reason why I just have to tell you about it is that they are COMPLETELY PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE!  So, if you have a child with an allergy issue, this is one place where they can go and pick out what they want!  YAY!

What we liked:  We love the fact that they are completely nut free.  Also, their donuts were really good.  My boys scarfed their vanilla with sprinkles and my french toast donut was moist and yummy!  I would have liked to dig in and try a few more of their flavors.  Oh, and they donate all of their uneaten donuts to local charities feeding the hungry-awesome!

What we would change:  The only thing we would change is how far they are away from us Durhamites.  However, they are definitely worth the trip, especially when you can combine it with another great Raleigh stop.  As we have already said they are only about 5 miles from Millbrook Exchange Pool and only 5 miles in the other direction from Umstead Park.  Oh, and the fact that they're only open until noon makes it a little harder to stop by.

Website and other important information:

Website: http://www.daylightdonutsraleigh.com/default.asp

Address: 7550-101 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh

Hours: 5am to Noon, Tuesday-Sunday, Closed Monday


(A view of some of their goodies in the front and on the wall in the back---we were later in the morning so clearly some of the treats had already been eaten.)

(the kids' choice)

(my french toast donut-yum!)

(a view of the storefront)

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