Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cocoa Cinnamon

What it is:  I had been hearing about Durham's newest coffee spot that recently opened up in downtown  Durham.  They started off as bikeCOFFEE which is just what it sounds, a mobile, bike-driven coffee stand.  Then, owners and couple Leon and Areli began a kickstarter campaign to start Cocoa Cinnamon.  The campaign was obviously successful, and we were ready to see what they had to offer.

Cocoa Cinnamon is located in what is now a pretty cool corner of downtown Durham.  It's at the corner of Geer and Foster Streets sharing the intersection with Geer St. Garden, King's Sandwich Shop, and Man Bites Dog Theater.  It is also just next door to Central Park School for Children.  We parked in their lot which was very crowded.  There is also lots of street parking nearby, but make SURE you don't park on the street next to the school in the mornings, the person behind the counter said that was not a good idea.

Once we found parking, we came in.  They didn't have a menu posted that I saw, but they did have coffee and some delicious pastries behind the counter.  I also knew they sold tea and a delicious little something called "sipping chocolate".  I ordered a sipping chocolate for my son and I to split and a cookie-something delicious-looking called, I think,  "Milton's favorite".  It took a little while for them to make us our chocolate, but that's ok because we just grabbed a picnic table in their lovely outdoor space and enjoyed looking around.  Our chocolate was in a tiny little cup, but they made a little extra and we got two cups.

My son and I LOVED the cookie, but he tried the sipping chocolate and thought that it was too bitter and dark.  That was OK with me because it was pure, decadent deliciousness and I enjoyed every sip.  I have a feeling, though, if I had added some of their simple syrup before I had given him a sip it would have been a treat he would have liked.

What we liked:  It was a beautiful space, especially with the garage doors open to the outdoors in the good weather.  The cookie was delicious for my son, and the chocolate was an absolute treat for me and something I would definitely go back for.  I would also love to hear what a coffee or tea drinker thinks of their coffee and tea because, based on the sipping chocolate, I bet their pretty, darn good.  It would be great fun to head back after a great downtown dinner or date night to finish off the night with some sipping chocolate and adult conversation without the kiddos as well.  It's really nice to find a place that works both as a fun kids date or a just for grown ups treat.

What we would change:  As I said, the parking lot was a bit crowded, but there did seem to be plenty of safe street parking on Geer St.  Also, as a person who is not a coffee or tea drinker, I was surprised to see how expensive a specialty beverage can be, but it was definitely, definitely worth it (and not any more expensive than your nearby chain).

Website and other important information:

Website: http://cocoacinnamon.com/

Address: 420 W. Geer St, Durham, 27701

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7:30am-10pm, Friday and Saturday: 7:30am-midnight, Sunday: 9am-9pm


(A view of their front entrance from our seat)

(the counter)

(a view of the whole shop)


(pure chocolate deliciousness)

1 comment:

Fylomena G said...

Nice place!! I like hanging out there!! :) .....
I can see the menus on two of your pictures, they're usually on the counter (book-like menus) and there are some posted on one of the walls as well.

For their sipping chocolate, try the Kublai Khan with a Kallari base, it's great!! :) For the kiddies they have the Caoba drinking chocolate.

Hope you give them another try, make sure you ask for a drink card on your next visit.

Have a great day :)

Fylo ;)

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