Sunday, September 8, 2013

Paperhand Puppet Intervention

I have been wanting to check Paperhand Puppet Intervention out for years.  Last night we finally had the chance and it did not disappoint.  They've got one more weekend left this year at the NC Museum of Art and I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't done so already.

What it is:  Paperhand Puppet Intervention is a group that puts on absolutely beautiful shows at various locations throughout the year culminating in their August and September summer show.  They design and build all of their awesome puppets themselves, and the shows are incredible.  I don't think the term "puppet show" truly does justice to what we saw last night.

Most of their summer shows take place at the Forest Theater on UNC's campus which is an absolutely beautiful venue.  We haven't seen their show at the Museum of Art, but I would imagine it's equally lovely.  Since parking is tricky and it's a pretty crowded show, I dropped my family off at the Forest Theater and went to find parking myself.  I was able to easily find parking in the Cobb garage which is only about a five minute walk from the theater.  We arrived about 6pm for the show at 7 and were easily able to find a seat.  However, by 6:30 it had definitely filled up, and when the show started at 7 people were squeezed in anywhere they could.  Most people also brought a picnic dinner to enjoy while they waited as well as something soft to sit on.  Optimally, we would have had those little chairs with backs on them that people bring to sporting events when they are sitting on bleachers.  Since we are sitting on stone ledges in the Forest Theater it would have been nice to have something to lean my back on.

At 7pm the show started.  My husband was skeptical at first, but he was quickly impressed.  The puppets were beautiful and it was a huge, wonderful spectacle.  My kids were entranced for the whole 1.5 hours with no intermission.  There was one quick potty break, but that's ok because they do have port-o-potties outside of the theater.

What we liked:  The show was wonderful and the venue in the trees was great.  We will definitely be heading back to their summer show next year.  Most of their shows are during sunset and it was really neat to watch the sunset as the show was going on.

What we would change:  Parking was a bit tricky at UNC until we found that garage.  Plus, the seating was a bit uncomfortable.  It was a bit of an expensive night out, but I would gladly pay more to keep Paperhand Puppet going!!

Website and other important information:


Address: The summer show is at the Forest Theater at UNC as well as the NC Museum of Art, but you can also check them out throughout the year at various other locations, just check their calendar.

Cost: Admission is a suggested donation of $12 per adult and $8 per kid over 4 years old.

Photos:  (scenes from the show)

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