Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On Target Tennis

What it is: As this fall rolled around, I knew I wanted my son to participate in one sport.  However, I was perfectly happy to let him choose the sport.  He chose tennis which is a great sport for those who are a little nervous about some of the more physical aspects of sports like soccer and flag football.  We had heard good things about On Target Tennis which takes place at Woodcroft Club in S. Durham so we decided to check it out. 

Their registration online was very simple and their price was very reasonable.  We signed up for the pee wee clinic for kids from 5-7, but they had another group for the older and more advanced kids.  We showed up on the first day and there were lots of kids there.  Even though there were lots of kids, they had 3 coaches who divided them all up, so there was plenty of coaching to go around. 

The lessons have been well organized.  The kids participate in different games and drills that not only get them active but teach them basic tennis skills.  The kids enjoy the drills and games and have a few that are particular favorites and always get the kids excited.  The coaches strike a good balance between joking around with the kids and making things fun and giving the kids suggestions and coaching to improve their strokes. 

My son is having a great time, and I feel like he's learning a lot about tennis.  Hey, he's actually hitting the ball over the net now, and he's not that much taller than the net!  We've already signed up for the next session which begins in, I think, two weeks.  There are a few spots left, but I know that space is limited.

What we liked: I really like the fact that the coaches are well-organized and have a variety of drills and methods for teaching the kids the skills.  I also like how reasonable the price of the lessons were.  At only $48 for 6 lessons, it is definitely within our price range.  Oh, and there's also a nearby playground that you can take your little ones to while your big ones are playing tennis.

What we would change: It's hard to watch the lessons with bushes and netting surrounding the courts.  You can choose to either sit in a chair where you have the netting in the way or on the ground on a blanket where you can see the court unobstructed but are not as comfortable.  Regardless, you will need to bring something to sit on.

Website and other important information:


Address: Tennis courts at Woodcroft Club

Cost: The pee wee lessons for 5-7 year olds are $42 for members and $48 for nonmembers.

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