Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TROSA Christmas Tree Lot

Hi everyone-Long time, no see.  My family and I have been off on many travels and adventures this Thanksgiving, and now I'm finally back and ready to get back in the Durham holiday spirit.  I'm finding myself almost too much in the holiday spirit.  There are too many things that I want to do and not enough time.  I have listed some of my favorite holiday events in the sidebar, so don't forget to check them out.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Some years during the holidays you really feel like going all out and going on a Christmas tree hunting adventure.  Some go to the mountains, or like our family did last year you can go to the Jordan Lake Christmas Tree farm and try to find your own growing in the ground there.  This year, however, for us, we still wanted a real tree, but we wanted to be able to get it easily and quickly.  You see a ton of Christmas tree lots out there, but we chose the TROSA Lot located in the Renaissance Village shopping center near Southpoint.

TROSA was a great place to get a beautiful tree quickly and easily.  We showed up, picked out our tree from a great selection of sizes that ranged from very small to over 10 ft.  Plus, while we were there, another shipment arrived from the mountains of NC so they are continually renewing their selection.  Once we had selected our tree, all we had to do was find one of the workers.  He then, carried it off and set it on a table where the truck was trimmed for our specific stand.  Then, it was carried to another table where it was bagged, and they carried it and secured it to our car for us.  All we had to do was watch.  They even asked if I needed the trimmings that they had removed when they cleaned the trunk off.  I took them and was able to use them to decorate at home.

The also sold wreaths made from tree branches and a few other Christmas odds and ends.  Everyone we worked with was really nice and we were in and out with our tree in no time at all.

What we liked:  For us, the TROSA lot was very close to our house.  (There are actually 5 locations in Durham so chances are that you can find a TROSA lot near you.)  They were efficient while being friendly.  Plus, when you buy a tree with TROSA, you know that you are helping someone because that organization helps people who are struggling get on their feet.

What we would change:  The only thing I would say we had to watch out for was when your tree was being trimmed and bagged.  Make sure you stay near your tree and watch where they move it because you might take home one that you didn't pick out otherwise.

Website and other important information:

Website: http://holidaysbytrosa.com/


   15/501 Target Superstore
    4037 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd    Durham, NC 27707

    Sears Automotive | Northgate Mall    1620 Guess Rd    Durham, NC 27713

    Advance Auto Parts Parking Lot    3301 Hillsborough Rd    Durham, NC 27705

    hh gregg Parking Lot    Southpoint Mall area    8160 Renaissance Pkwy    Durham, NC 27713  

   Diamond View Park  at American Tobacco
    (on lawn in front of the DPAC)
    123 Vivian St
    Durham, NC 27701


(walking in)



(price tag showing fairly reasonable price)

(An excellent job of securing it to our car- and we didn't even bring any rope ourselves.)

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