Monday, January 20, 2014

Pompieri Pizza

What it is: My husband works in downtown Durham (lucky).  He frequently walks to places for lunch, gets to eat at all the new fun restaurants downtown, and he's been anxiously awaiting this opening.  Pompieri Pizza opened up for dinner a few weeks ago and will be opening for lunch soon.  It is the latest creation from the owner of Bull City Burger and is located just down the street from that awesome, kid-friendly burger joint.

It's located in historic fire station #1 on Mangum St. (Pompieri means fireman), and takes many of its cues from Bull City Burger.  Similarly to Bull City, you look at the menu while in line and then order at a counter.  You are then given a number (or word) so people can find you with your food when it's ready.  Then, you get your drinks (another fancy soda machine), find a seat yourself, and wait for your food.

When we went for an early dinner one evening, we were surprised at how crowded it was for such a new restaurant. While everyone could eventually find a seat, it took us a little time to find an open one.  The restaurant was very full the entire time we were there.  The food took a little while to arrive, but that was okay for us because we were seated at a picnic table right next to the kids' area.  The kids' area is similar in size to that at Bull City, just a few toys to keep kids occupied.  It's located in a little nook near the register and is a little hard to access from the rest of the restaurant.  If you can get our picnic table, that's definitely the place to be.

When our food came, it was delicious.  My husband and I each picked one of their 12-inch pizzas, and the boys both had their kids' pizza.  All plates were cleaned, and the boys enjoyed their chocolate milk which was $1 extra with the kids' meal.  We definitely want to come back and check out more of their delicious pizza and maybe their fancy flavors of gelato for dessert.

What we liked: The pizza was delicious with fresh ingredients.  The kids' area was a nice touch to give the kids something to do and give grownups a chance to talk.

What we would change:  When we came in, it was a bit tricky to find seating, but after a few minutes, we found the perfect spot. We didn't see anyone waiting for more than just a minute or two before they found a spot either.

Website and other important information:


Address: 102 City Hall Plaza, Suite 101, Downtown Durham

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 5pm-10pm, Friday: 5pm-11pm, Sunday: 5pm-9pm *Will open for lunch starting in February 2014.


(the kids' play area)

(a view of the seating area)

(the fancy soda machine)

(the kids' pizza)

(my pizza-The scissors to cut the pizza is a nice touch.)

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