Monday, February 3, 2014

Durham MLK/Black History Month Parade

Thanks to Zion for this great post about the Durham MLK/Black History Month Parade!

I could not wait to take my kids to the parade today.  It is an annual event always in the same location starts at W.G. Pearson and goes down to end at NCCU.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids were just as anxious as I was. The parade started promptly at noon beginning at W.G. Pearson Elementary on Fayetteville st. and ending at NCCU on Lawson.

What it was: Durham MLK/Black History Month parade February 1st at noon

What we liked: The parade had a fun variety of bands, businesses, and clubs, but most importantly, it celebrated culture and unity. It was also timed very well so my two 3 year olds sat through the entire parade without a potty break (especially since we were in a residential area with no public restrooms). The candy being given out was a big hit with my kids, of course!

After attending last year I learned very quickly to choose your viewing spot carefully since my kids and I got overcrowded and could barely see the parade. This year we arrived earlier and watched from the opening site at W.G. Pearson.  It was the best decision!  We got the first view of all the floats, bands, cars etc..and we were some of the first ones to receive candy and leaflets.

What we would change: Bathroom access during the parade wasn't needed this time by sheer luck, but I may not be as lucky next time.  This is a major residential area so parking is mostly on side streets but there is limited parking at local churches or other businesses.

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