Monday, February 24, 2014

School Information Series: Triangle Presbyterian PMO

Type of School: Cooperative Parents Morning Out Program

**This is in the same building as Triangle Presbyterian Preschool and Kindergarten which is also a cooperative preschool, but they are two different schools.  I will be writing about that one at a later date, but now, check out information about this great program from Zion!

As a stay at home mom I am always looking for new opportunities for my kiddos. A few of my twin mom friends put me on to signing up for Parents Morning Out (PMO) programs to allow my kids to socialize, and give myself a break at the same time. After signing up for a few different programs, I was finally taken off the waiting list and accepted at Triangle Presbyterian- Christian Parents Morning Out.  After six months of being in the program there are a few reason why I love it.

1. It's FREE.  I was able to enroll both of my twins in the same class for no cost (other than my time 3 out of the 8 sessions). That is always a plus in my book.

2.The sessions runs for 8 weeks on Fridays 9:15am-12:15pm, and 3 of the sessions parents volunteer their Fridays to Do a craft, provide a snack, and be the on-call contact in case someone can't come in.  Since the sessions are 8 weeks it also allows flexibility with short-term commitments to the program in case plans change.

3. The classrooms are very child friendly and appropriate for the age groups. There are two classes: a younger room (2-3 year olds) and older room (3-5 year olds).  The classes during the week are used by the Triangle Presbyterian preschool & kindergarten which I hear lot's of people love. I have personally met some of the staff and they are very friendly and professional.

4. Not only are the classrooms great, but on the premises there are two fun playgrounds, one for older kids, and one for younger kids. There is also a great indoor gym available if weather doesn't permit outdoor play.  All of this is accessible to the PMO.

What I would change:  The playground has is layered with gravel rather than wood chip's for flooring. Not my preference, but it works with the right supervision.  Also, early in the program it can be daunting leaving your kids for 3 hours (9:15am-12:15pm) with different parents, but after you volunteer you learn the parents and the kids quite well.

As a bonus, the PMO at Triangle Presbyterian is currently looking for kids who will be 2 years old by the end of the summer or earlier to enter the program. If they are not able to place you, you may be placed on the waiting list and may get a spot later on. If interested please contact Liz Shively at or visit


(a view of the outside)

(one classroom)

(another classroom)

(another classroom)

(the indoor gym area)

(the younger children's playground)

(the playground for other children)

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