Monday, March 3, 2014

Los Comales (both locations)

What it is:  When we asked people about the best Mexican restaurant in Durham there were plenty to chose from, but several people mentioned Los Comales off of Roxboro Rd.  So, one day we headed on over.  The food was great, but you had to order at the counter and the menu was all in spanish so it was a bit tricky to figure out what we wanted.

We wished that it was a little more relaxing and easier to figure out what to order.  Well, our wish was granted.  A couple of months ago a new Los Comales opened up in the Patterson Place shopping center off of 15-501 with Home Depot and Kohls.  Since the food had been so good at the other location we had to go check this one out.  Turns out this one was just perfect.  The food was equally good and authentic, but this location was a sit down restaurant where we were able to look at a menu written in English and really figure out what we wanted to try.

The boys ended up getting the cheese quesadilla, their usual.  Oh, and we only had to get one quesadilla because it was big enough for both boys.  I got a taco and a delicious cheese and bean pocket called a pupusa while my husband tried a gordita.  We also tried some queso which was excellent.  For some extra fun they also have some delicious agua frescas which are some really refreshing fruit juices and a great salsa bar.  The food was absolutely delicious and we will definitely be back!

What we liked:  The food was delicious authentic Mexican food at both locations, but I would take the family back to the location in Patterson Place because you could sit down and order off of menus.

What we would change:  At the newer location, there's not much that I would change.

Website and other important information:

Website:  (I couldn't find a specific website for Los Comales, but here's a great article on the new location.)


*2103 N. Roxboro Rd, Durham, 27704 (Old Location)

*3616 Whitherspoon Rd, Durham, 27707 (New Location)


(The boys' yummy quesadilla)

(my taco)

(my pupusa)

(the view from outside)

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