Monday, April 21, 2014

Charge Ahead Durham

What it is:  I discovered this a few weeks ago and think it's a really great way to both do something for the environment and help the kids learn about helping their world.  Charge Ahead Durham is an initiative from the city/county of Durham Sustainability Office.  What you do is you head to the Charge Ahead Durham website and register for free.  Then, they post weekly "charges" that you can complete that all help the environment in some way.  If you complete that charge and let them know, and you earn points.  The points can win you great weekly prizes like gift certificates to Ninth Street Flowers or Letters Bookshop, or a tin of popcorn from Mad Popper, and you can be eligible for the grand prize drawings which include a night's stay at the Kings' Daughters Inn, a bike, or more.

What we liked:  Lots of times, I would like to be better to the environment, but I don't know exactly where to start.  This gives lots of small ways to start, many that don't take up much time or money.  Plus, you can involve your kids in the tasks and help them learn to be caretakers for the environment.  Previous weeks' charges have included enjoy the ATT with a buddy, install a rain gauge, bag the plastic bags, and give the computer a rest.

What we would change:  There's not much we would change.  It's a great program that's easy and free, and good for the environment.  Plus, you have the chance to win fun Durham prizes!


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