Thursday, April 3, 2014

Laurel Hills Park

I keep thinking I've found all of the most fabulous parks in the area.  However, a few days ago, w discovered this awesome park near the NC Museum of Art.  What a great place to spend an afternoon!

What it is:  If you've ever been to Kelly Road Park in Apex, Laurel Hills Park is very similar.  It is a huge wooden playground with a fabulous maze like play structure.  This play structure makes you want to play hide and seek just looking at it, there are so many tunnels, twists, and turns to explore.  The playground area also has swings, a basketball court, some great swinging platforms to play on, and the whole thing is sand so the digging possibilities are endless.  The park also has a little pond complete with a little dock where you can fish.  There are nearby drinking fountains and restrooms, and a rec center where they have a gym and apparently some great toddler time sessions.

What we liked:  This playground was so unique that the kids had so much to explore.  It was especially good for the older kids because of all of the climbing that could be done.  Plus, the pond adds a little extra fun to explore.  Also, even though it is in Raleigh, it is on the near side of Raleigh so it doesn't take too long to get to, probably about 20 minutes from S. Durham.  Plus, since it's so close to the NC Museum of Art, you could easily combine the two and have a whole day of free fun.

What we would change:  For the youngest kids, this playground would require a little more supervision because it is not fenced all the way around and there are lots of places for little ones to hide and get lost.

Website and other important information:


Address: 3808 Edwards Mill Rd, Raleigh, 27612


(Take a look at all this climbing fun.)

(another view)

(the trail to the restrooms and the pond)

(A view through the trees of the pons and the dock-way off in the distance)

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