Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Fun Zone: An Update

Ever wish you had a place to drop off your kids while you enjoyed a great dinner out in downtown Durham?  You can at The Fun Zone, and Zion is back to update everyone on what's going on there.

If you are ever in downtown Durham, and have noticed a small tucked away side building called Fun Zone, here is your chance to get acclimated to what they offer. A few years ago stircrazymoms did a blog on this child friendly spot (  but to keep things current we wanted you to know it is still open and available for new Durham explorers.  

The Fun Zone is an affordable child play business that offers rates of $5 per family for a group playdate (anything that charges per family has my interest so I don't have to pay for multiple children).  They are well equipped with everything to keep your children entertained and busy. They take appointments for scheduled play-dates, host birthday parties, and have a drop in childcare for the weekends.  With the growth that downtown has had over the last few years, this is a great way to have a date night and accessible child care all within walking distance of each other.  Rates for drop-in childcare are $10 per child per hour with discounts for multiple children.

What we liked: This little nook is very well organized and have areas for dress up, a craft area, and a book nook for little readers. You easily can keep kids of all ages busy, and there is something for everyone.  Did I mention that you can bring your own snacks.

What we would change:  Some may say the parking, but I actually had no problem on a weekday parking my car on a side street and walking one block to get to the corner where Fun Zone is located. Weekends could be more difficult.

Check out their website which has more information on rates, biography of the owner Ms. Toni (whose picture is below), who also owns the establishment next door, Sew Crafty, and other fun facts.  The phone number below can also be used to schedule your next playdate!

Website and other important information:
Address: The Fun Zone 104 W. Parrish Street, Downtown Durham NC 27701 
Toni Phone: 919-740-3587  

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Anonymous said...

This is Ms. Toni and I wanted to thank Zion for the nice write-up. One correction, though. On the weekend the parking is actually even easier because the public parking lot and deck located right next to my building is open and free! Doesn't get much better than that!

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