Sunday, August 3, 2014

Coconut Charlie's Bump N Bounce

So, there's a new bounce place in town.  Some of our favorite bounce places have disappeared so it's nice to see a new one open up, especially one that we liked!

What it is:  Coconut Charlie's Bump and Bounce is located in North Raleigh on Six Forks road.  However, it wasn't too long of a drive from S. Durham, about 30 minutes.  When we arrived at the open gym, we got wrist bands and found out that we could not leave and come back, so we'd better have some fun while we were there.  We headed in past the concession stand and tables for eating to the bounce room.

They have a smaller area for the little ones with some foam climbers and other little toys.  They also had a little row of bumbo seats for the littlest visitors, very cute.  Then there were several big bouncers, a few you could climb up like a rock wall and slide down, some basketball games to play, a box with air blowing where you could zip your kids in and watch them grab at little pieces of paper flying around, and room in the middle for the adults to sit.  Then, the unique feature that they had was a huge playground in the middle of the room that included places to climb, a zip line (with an employee monitoring it), three slides in a row to play on, a punching bag, and lots more fun.  My kiddos spent a lot of time in that structure.

We were able to play there for several hours with the kids not getting bored.  Since we couldn't bring in our own food or drinks, the kids did eventually get hungry.  While we went home to eat, some of our friends stayed to eat there.  They have pizzas on order, and when you order a pizza for the reasonable price of $10.80 they head over to a real restaurant right next door and grab one.  That means that the pizza is actually pretty tasty.

What we liked:  The places for the kids to play were a little different than some other area bounce places, so the kids liked playing on some new things.  Plus, the way the parents' chairs are positioned, you can see most of the play area from your chairs.  Oh, and another fun feature is they have a screen displaying video camera views of the whole play area from the lounge so you could actually sit out there and watch your kiddos if you wanted to.

What we would change:  First, I definitely would NOT follow your phone's directions to get there, and I would be very careful when using any service to map their location.  My phone's directions sent me two miles in the wrong direction when I exited off of I-540.  So, make sure to figure out where it is before you leave, and remember that if you're coming from Durham on 540, exit the freeway and head towards Raleigh on Six Forks!

Website and other important information:


Address: 7409 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC

Hours: M-F: 10am-6pm, New Hours-Saturday: 11am-3:30pm, and Sunday closed

Pricing:  Adults Free, Kids under 2: $4, M-F: Kids: $9 for first kid, $16 for two, and $24 for 3, weekends $9 for all kids


(a view of some of the bouncy structures)

(the big play structure)

(basketball games)

(bounce house and some of the seating)

(the little kids area)

(row of bumbos)

(view of the seating for eating)

(the video camera screen)

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