Sunday, August 17, 2014

Durham Green Flea Market

What it is: Every weekend I usually end up passing the Durham Green Flea Market located at 1600 E. Pettigrew. There is always plenty of traffic,  and from the road you can see tables of fresh produce, boxes of merchandise, and the smell of some great cultural dishes. 

On a late Sunday I was finally able to check out this neighborhood treasure. The pictures don't do it enough justice. If you like your locally grown produce, frgual prices, and lots of cultural flair, you should definitely check this place out.

What I liked: Being a natural foodie, I couldn't get enough of the authentic Mexican food and culture.  Being from California, this place made the list for one of the best mexican food spots in Durham!  The prices were incredible, and the variety of things you can find at this flea market is astounding: shoes, clothes, purses, electronics, and toys can all be found in this indoor/outdoor spot.

What we would change: The day you go and the crowds will determine what kind of parking you will get. You can pay for parking or park on the street which may not be as convenient if your toting a little one.

Website and other important information:

Address: 1600 E. Pettigrew

Hours: Saturday and Sunday: 7am-4pm


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